Efficient and cost-effective solutions for publishers and programs.

We provide near real-time transaction visibility for debit transactions and accuracy. No username or password required.


Fast Time to Market

With a Modern PaaS architecture, Sentral connects you to 8 different debit networks and processors, decreasing integration cost and complexity.

Familiar API, Real to Near Real-Time Data

Sentral APIs and workflows are similar to other CLO platforms, making your existing platform investments reusable while delivering relevant transaction data.

Delivers More Data, Enables a Better Experience

Capture transaction data that’s currently getting missed and see purchase transactions that include cash back withdrawals.

Sentral Facilitates the Growing CLO Industry

Card-linked services are expected to open up many possibilities wherever companies can make use of the ability to monitor where cardholders are using their cards. The three applications currently supported include:

Card Linked Offers

The provision of rebates, rewards and discounts for shopping with an enrolled card at participating merchants.

Loyalty Currency

Facilitating the ability for cardholders to choose whether they use accumulated loyalty points, miles, etc. as payment.

Gift Credits

Tying gift credits to purchases at particular merchants with activation by purchasing with a registered payment card.

Publishers and CLO Program providers come in many shapes and sizes.

We work with both large national branded CLO programs as well as CLO program “aggregators” who provide white label CLO to multiple smaller programs.

All companies looking to support debit cards for card-linked services are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn of the many ways in which we can facilitate your entry into this market.

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