Register and process transactions with ease.

We provide the technical gateway for registration and transaction processing to support multiple card-linked products, and an array of enabling support services.

Easy Integration

Our gateway solution brings a single point of integration for program managers and networks facilitating:

Secure card registration includes managing debit card BIN tables to ensure registration at appropriate network(s)

Advanced registration and monitoring to facilitate matching of cards and merchant locations

Automated testing facilities for Merchant ID validation

Transaction monitoring for qualifying transactions—routing of qualifying transactions to program managers

Cardholder value settlement—providing a universal facility to allow program managers to post reward cash value back to participating cardholder accounts with accompanying funds movement

Reconciliation services/reporting—everything needed to monitor activity and funds movement

Standardized program approval processes—allows publishers to submit program specifics for approval by the networks in one standard format

Transaction Monitoring

Merchant ID
Merchant Locations
Start Date and Time
Duplicate Indication
Velocity Checks
End Date and Time

Key Features

Program Setup

BIN File Management

Keeps track of which cards can be monitored

Merchant ID Management

Enables merchant lookup for registration into program.

Secure Card Registrations

PCI compliant PAN tokenization and sync with relevant debit networks.

Transaction Matching

Merchant Location Registration

Enables transaction matching at all or specific store locations.

Real-time Spend Alerts

Transaction event notifications sent to your application.

Statement Credits

Settlement facility to credit earned discounts back to registered cards.

Backoffice Tools

Merchant Onboarding
& Validation

Register merchants, then run and monitor test transactions.

Reporting, Billing, & Support

Find registered merchants, review matched transactions, etc.

Program Enablement, Setup, and Management

Sentral works with debit networks and its sponsor bank to coordinate all aspects of these services:

Standards Facilitation

Sentral serves as the central coordinator for establishing program documentation, such as data content standards, etc.

Program Certification

Sentral facilitates the approval process for all debit networks and processors regarding consumer terms, notifications, data usage, etc.

Network Settlement Account

Sentral offers a statement credit settlement facility for publishers to credit earned discounts or rewards back to registered cards.

Advance your CLO program with us.