Sentral solves CLO challenges.

CLO Programs are growing in number and size.

CLO programs are growing rapidly, with expansion plans by major brands and a growing number of specialty programs.

With the creation of facilities by Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover to provide transaction monitoring services, virtually any credit card in the U.S. can be supported for CLO.

The debit card payment infrastructure is somewhat different.

A significant portion of debit card transactions flow outside Visa and Mastercard via the U.S. debit networks. These include NYCE, Pulse, Star, Accel, Shazam, Jeanie, AFFN and CU 24.

Historically, these networks have not supported the monitoring functionality required for CLO services.

There is a challenge in the Card-Linked Offer (CLO) ecosystem.

Billions of debit card transactions per year are INVISIBLE to Visa, MasterCard, and CLO Publishers using Visa and Mastercard to monitor transactions.

For CLO publishers to support debit card transactions and provide a seamless experience for consumers, they need to have access to all debit transaction activity.

Multiple debit transaction routing alternatives exist at the POS due to regulatory requirements.

POS terminals may alternately route debit transactions via Visa or Mastercard or the debit networks based on a number of factors (lowest cost routing, use of PIN, ticket size, etc.).

Current platforms lack access & technology to match transactions processed through U.S. debit networks.

Complex User Experience

Today, end users must be instructed to ”pay as credit” while POS systems steer customers the other way.

Missed Redemptions

Transactions which run on the debit network rails don’t trigger a CLO redemption, which causes lost trust and data gaps.

Increased Customer Service Cost

Users who expect a redemption but don’t get one are likely to contact customer service, triggering time-consuming receipt verification, etc.

Lost Revenue

Each qualified transaction should drive revenue for the publisher and the network providing the transaction, thus missed transactions can cause revenue leakage.

Sentral works with all major debit networks to offer you a single debit gateway for your CLO programs.